Saturday, August 07, 2010


With the monsoons finally hitting Dahanu, the hills turn green, shy at first, then suddenly opulent, bursting with color. As mentioned in one of my earlier entries, this is the route to the seven caves where the Iranshah, the Fire Of Victory, was preserved -- and hidden -- for twelve years, when the Muslims invaded Sanjan and forced the Zoroastrians to flee. This fire is believed to be have been kept burning for 1284 years. It currently shines bright and strong in Udvada, Gujarat.
But going back to the photograph, there's something about an Indian monsoon that is unforgettable. The spray of water on your face as you ride your motorcycle, the sudden shiver as the wind makes your shirt balloon, and when you stop riding, and rest, the trickling of water, gurgling, purring away, making you long for a steaming cup of masala chai.