Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's wonderful that the novel has been greeted with such enthusiasm in India. I'm sure The Song of Kahunsha and The Cripple and His Talismans shall follow in time. But first, some of the aforementioned enthusiasm:

“Anosh Irani does for Iranis what Rohinton Mistry did for Parsis. The Irani community comes alive for those who do not know it.” – SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA

"The soul-searching journey of three generations of Iranis is blended into a heart-warming story…The author portrays [an] unlikely yet compelling romance between a young Irani man and an even younger Warli woman with an exquisite touch. The beauty and purity of their love lingers even when it is violently truncated…The stories of generations as well as of individuals unfold on a sweeping scale, intertwining and coming full circle.”

“… exquisitely plotted, researched and written … a story of intertwined destinies and uncomfortable class divisions crafted in an unapologetic voice.” – MINT LOUNGE

"Anosh Irani's latest offering is a saga of unrelenting tragedy and a tale well told."

“[Dahanu Road] goes beyond sepia-tinted nostalgia to depict the savage wrestling for power between landlords and Warli workers…the plot [is] taut and suspenseful…a chronicle of the eccentric members of one of the world’s most exclusive and quickly declining clubs – the Zoroastrian community…Alternately tragic and funny, Dahanu Road doesn’t lose sight of it all.” – TIME OUT, NEW DELHI


“…Dahanu Road is engagingly written and Irani creates a lovable cast of characters.” – MUMBAI BOSS

"Author Anosh Irani provides us with a unique blend of fact and fiction, interspersing village life with realities of Irani history. A heart-wrenching chronicle of love and loss, Dahanu Road is one man's search for truth in a sea of deception." – THE TIMES OF INDIA